Haram's Heroes

A Prayer of Much Sadness and Such Grief

Oliver prays after Malgwynn's death (outline's cross on chest)

Oh my Doge!
How can this be so?
That I have lost a friend I was beginning to know
our friendship was just starting to blossom and grow
such woe is me

Why were we ambushed in the forest back there
who is this man we are escorting here
how is Astrafel alive yet Maelgwynn (outlines cross on chest) has dissappeared
and why does this so called duke not seem to care
much anger is me

Had I been stronger I could have saved him
Had I fought harder I could have saved him
Had I not faltered I could have saved him
and yet I did not
such blame is on me

And who is this fat child
to whom I wish to cause harm
Who has caused us alarm
and cannot bear arms
like Maelgwnn (outlines cross on chest)

Our comrade shall not be forgotten
together we have gone through a lot and
your sacrifice will not all be for not
I shall remember the friendship you have taught
such memories will be with me

May you find
much rest
such peace
and may Doge be with you always



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