Haram's Heroes

Into the Cove

Maya's Treasure Hunt

Ugh, I don’t see the point of logging in bits and pieces of our adventure. It’s such a waste of time, but I might as well since there’s nothing left in this city of rubble…
After a unanimous decision to head towards the cove, we were (surprise, surprise…) ambushed by griffons. Fortunately, Maelgwynn turned into a griffon and distracted them while the rest of us made a run for the cove. The four of us headed cautiously forward with no idea of where Maelgwynn was. I wasn’t sure if he’d come back. It wasn’t too bad if he didn’t since he seems to always get into reckless fights.

We soon reached a giant chasm and after deciding we weren’t ready to plummet to our deaths, found a small tunnel to go through instead. We reached this strange dome-shaped room where there were disgusting snakes slithering about. Luckily Bato talked with the mother snake and we were allowed to pass through. I was mildly impressed we left without engaging in combat.

Great, more tedious decisions-3 passageways and the refusal to split up. One was a tunnel that led to who-knows-where, one was a dark corridor with cells, and the other one was blocked. Seeing a open, barred door, Oliver and I went to go investigate. After working together to disable a trap, we found a fresh dead body. From the looks of him, he looked like a common thief, the poor fool. But just our luck- we found a flute(which wasn’t my thing so I handed it over to Astrafel) and a key. As we ventured further down the hall, we reached a door, which Oliver tried to open with the key. I don’t know what Oliver did, but the key jammed in the lock and suddenly a flurry of arrows whizzed by, one piercing Astrafel’s side.
Nothing too serious though.

On the other side of the door was this strange room with two desks- one occupied by a skeleton- and 3 pedestals. And Hello, what have we here? A chest? Don’t mind if I do. While everyone else was occupied by the boring papers and blah, I opened up the chest only to get attacked. Rude. A Mimic, I guess. Astrafel talked to this ghost while I checked the left-over chest. I’m pretty sure Bato gave me an exasperated look. Whatever, his loss. But it just turned out to be a bunch of scrolls full of scribbles. Astrafel’s getting all the luck today.

Some of this is kind of hazy in my mind. I might’ve been getting bored since there was nothing of value around yet. At one point, there was a trench full of basilisks and in the center was a pillar with a key. Bato sent Eiko over to fetch it. After unlocking yet another door, we reached a room full of sleeping wyverns. Everyone voted for me to sneak towards the other side of the room. I wasn’t complaining though, since there was a chest. With keys- another bust. I’m getting tired of these puzzles! Oh, these chests were such teases. This chestful of keys had a riddle which was supposed to help us unlock this beautifully decorated door with three keyholes. Astrafel pulled out a little booklet (a journal?) and got me to help her turn keys at the same time. One small key and one long, thing one. Someone has too much time on their hands…

I don’t know HOW this happened, but we somehow met up with Maelgwnn again. He tried to explain it, but I couldn’t believe him. Reunited, we all entered this room with a statue of a guy with his face punched in. As I looked around the room, I tuned out what the rest of them were talking about. However, when the word “Vain” was said, things got w



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