Haram's Heroes

The Adventure Begins

The Adventure Begins

Our adventure begins with two heroes: Bato and Maelgwynn, in/near the town of Dahli. Bato, the Ranger, sought the help of Maelgwynn after the Mayor enlisted his help: the food supply brought to their mountain village has missed its last two shipment dates. Maelgwynn was initially reluctant, and instead helped Bato with his mission in another way: Hunt down Halan the Lioness followers, a pack of Druids who worship her, and feed their corpses to the village for the time being.

During the chase, Bato stumbled upon the den of the theives, but decided to report back to the Mayor and to Maelgwynn, whom Bato’s Hawk, Eiko, accompanied. The two tracked down the den of the lioness and attacked and killed the followers.

Maelgwynn wanted to finish of Halan, but Bato sought to complete the job that the Mayor gave him, and the two split again. The Mayor, upon receiving the meat, was overjoyed and the town had a feast (he didn’t seem to mind that they were eating human meat, after Bato had told him). Maelgwynn slept in the den of his defeated foes.

Bato and Maelgwynn, however, were both awoken that night. Bato by the burning of Dahli, and Maelgwynn by Halan. Bato fought off the theives and Maelgwynn fled Halan’s lair, coming to the Bato’s aid in fending off the thieves.

They were both successful, but they weren’t able to save the village. Dahli fell, with only Cartha, the Merchant’s son, surviving. Cartha has made them an offer: payment if they escort him to the city of Fello…



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