Haram's Heroes

The Party Grows

Maelgwynn tells of the meeting of Oliver, Astrafel and Maya

I set out from the ruined city of Dahli with Bato, his pet hawk Eiko and Cartha, who I have begun calling Jeff out of derision. Still wishing to find and finally destroy the lioness Halan, I set Jeff out before us carrying the meat we had cut from the corpses of the vanquished lion cougar druids hoping that the smell would taunt out my foe. Not long after we set out for the town of Fello, she beset Jeff, unable to resist either the smell of fresh meat or the blood of her one time worshipers. Bato and I quickly attacked her found her to be surprisingly easy prey once she was not accompanied by her followers. Bato collected some of her teeth as a token of our victory and we pressed on.

We did not have much respite after our victory however as we were surprised to see wyverns plaguing the road from our position all the way to Fello in the distance. We decided to make a break for the town which we soon had been transformed from the small city we were expecting to an impressively fortified stronghold. Dodging the attacks of the wyverns above us, we eventually made it to the fort where the gates were quickly opened for us by what would prove to be our future party members. Oliver, a Paladin of the order of Doge (of which he seems to be the solitary member) was the first to greet us. Astrafel introduced herself to us next as we were safe for the time being; she is a bard of the Grand Histories of the Known World. Finally we met Maya, a rogue who seems to constantly be on the look out for loot no matter how great or small.

Our meeting was cut short when a man calling himself General Merril showed up and demanded to know our business. I told him we had no intention of remaining long in the town and were merely passing through on our way to escort Jeff to Arethor, a quest for which both Bato and myself were promised 50 gold pieces each. Realizing that our destination could not be reached before nightfall, we decided to stay in Fello for a day, rest and resupply and be on our way. A couple hours after we had laid down our belongings and checked into the local shops for supplies, the fort was attacked by both griffons and wyverns in great numbers. The General began shouting out orders and instructed us to take arms against his foes. Begrudgingly I agreed but decided that since this settlement was at such odds with its wildlife it should not remain. I gathered the fire oil, the soldiers used to set their catapults ablaze and brought it by the barrel to keep in the middle of the fort. My companions, realizing what I was about, told me to take the barrels to the top of the tower whereupon they could be set afire with devastating affect on our winged attackers. We collected the barrels, Bato shot a flaming arrow and the tower erupted in flame and stone. The missiles caught our assailants in flight, destroying many although killing some of the townspeople also in the fallout. We quickly dispatched the rest of the griffons and wyverns and rejoiced in our victory. The General was furious with our methods no matter how effective they were and demanded that we siege the nearby cove where the griffons and wyverns seemed to be sallying forth from in overwhelming numbers. When asked what our payment for the service would be, he responded that we were obliged to do this without recompense to repay the damage on his tower. When I told him I would rather fight him than the winged beasts without if there was no reward to be had, he challenged me to combat. Needing no further prompting, I leaped at him, transforming into a dire wolf in midair. I landed a severe blow but he buffeted me heavily, nearly killing me in a single blow. standing over my broken body, he informed us we would be carrying out his quest like it or not on the morrow.


Side events:
Maya defeating an agitated griffon, transported in a wooden crate, in the inventory cellar. In the pile of broken crates, Maya finds a mysterious amber stone with a ring forged in the center. It seems to have magical abilities.

Oliver enters a drinking game, which leaves him slightly drunk and after rescuing Astrafel from the Crow’s Nest they instinctively clasp hands and begin a waltz to dodge falling chunks of stone!! However, Oliver is struck on the head and manages to swing poor Astrafel into a wooden beam, each taking an ample amount damage.

The Party Grows

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