The Druid of the Frozen North



Alignment: Chaotic
Look: Haunting eyes; Furry hood; Weathered Hides
Druid Tell: Long, shaggy, grey-white hair and eyebrows; longer, sharper teeth

Armor: Hide armor (1 armor, 1 weight)
Weapon: Staff (close, two-handed, 1 weight)
Equipment: Adventuring gear (1 weight)
Druid’s Token: Piece of mystical grey bark

Leveled Spells
By Nature Sustained
Spirit Tongue
Studied Essence


Existing on the great forests most northern edge, where the trees eventually can no longer endure the harsh climate, there is a little known order of druids. Believing that there exists a true form in all things that supersedes the simplistic physical form, this order attempts to discover the most fundamental nature of the lands flora and fauna. This belief exhibits itself in the limitations the druids put on themselves, to only take the form of some of the creatures they know in order to understand these forms more fully.

Maelgwynn, a great forest elf, was a member of the order from a young age when it was found that his thoughts began to permeate the minds of the local beasts at night while he slept, affecting their behavior. He was sent to the druids and became the youngest member to ever fully join the order. As he grew up though, the isolation the order committed itself to began to play a crucial role in the formulation of his mind and his outlook on life in all the forms it took. As an extremely talented young druid in this environment, he began to resent any sentient beings he had interaction with whose life was not intertwined with natures.

As these thoughts swirled around in his mind, he sought animals who would share his distaste for the unnatural behaviors of those who enslaved, instead of partnered with, nature. He would often trek by himself for long periods of time into the wilderness to discover the implementation of his orders belief in the true form of life. On one particularly long sojourn he confronted a dire wolf, an extremely rare and often deadly occurrence even for a druid. For Maelgwynn however, he immediately saw what was the true animal form of himself and learned from the dire wolf how to take his form. As soon as he had learned to transform into the dire wolf though, his own human form began to change as well. His hair grew long and shaggy, at once both white and grey never discernible , like the dire wolf itself. His eyebrows became bushy and his teeth grew slightly longer and sharper. In his now altered human form, he returned to the druids.

Upon returning to his order he was surprised to find that most of the other druids were not pleased at his discovery. Either due to jealousy or fear, all of his fellows save the archdruid demanded he be cast out as a sorcerer for none were able to take the form of the dire wolf like he was able and none had had their human features morph as much as he had. In order to maintain the peace, the archdruid agreed and banished Maelgwynn from the northern forests but not before taking him aside and setting him upon the quest of his life.

She took Maelgwynn into her living house in the heart of a great tree and there she gave Maelgwynn a piece of mystical grey bark and told him that in the same way he had found the dire wolf to be his true form, so had the archdruid found a certain magical tree to be her own true form and this was the bark from that tree. After the bark was longer in her possesion, her appearance too began to change. Her skin became splintered and rough, her hair stiff and disheveled, and her limbs thick and stiff but still mobile; in effect a human tree. She told him that she would handle the order as it was in a difficult stage of transformation now that the members must learn what it means to know the true form of another being. But this was her battle not Maelgwynn’s, he instead must go find more evidence of this phenomena in the world and perfect his understanding of its implications.

Now it remains to be seen how Maelgwynn will react to the wide world. Will there be others like him, who seek the true form of nature, individuals who can help him on his quest? Or will all his encounters be with those who attempt to dominate nature to spread their oppressive rule of the earth?

After an all too short adventure, Maelgwynn met his fate at the hands of mere bandits. His naivety finally cost him his life; thinking himself invincible one too many times, he decided to continue fighting his assailants despite his wounds and eventually succumbed. Upon walking through the Black Gates of death, he made one final request: that there would rise in his place one whose sense of purpose and confidence would match his own. Death agreed, now it remains to be seen who this new courageous hero will be, what their quest will be, and how they will go about accomplishing it.


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