Maya Buchanan

Willful Opportunist




Born into a generational line of dukes, Maya lived a blissful, luxurious life in the Buchanan villa. However, her world instantly shattered on that fateful night of her 13th birthday. Poison. She watched helplessly as her parents and younger brother writhed off their chairs after their first bites of supper. She fled into the city after a mob of local peasants raided the villa of all its valuables.

For the next 7 years, Maya has been forced to live in the slums, stealing and fighting to survive. She diligently learned from the local pickpockets and con artists; but also how to use a knife when she found herself in a pinch. Her hardened heart left little room for compassion for others. From observing one of the ladies from the market, Maya started brewing her own potions, specifically poisons. Driven by revenge, she believes successfully brewing the same poison that destroyed her whole family will lead her to the murderer. She would be ready this time. But while she’s searching, nobody said she wasn’t allowed to spoil herself. After all, she worked so hard to – ahem – find these treasures. Life is short, enjoy it to the fullest.

Maya Buchanan

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