Johnny Chan

The unimpressive son of a famous Kung-Fu master


STR: 16
DEX: 12
CON: 15
INT: 8
WIS: 13
CHA: 9

Health: 23
Damage: 1D10
Armor: 0
Load: 24

Adventuring Gear
Health Potions and Herbs
Two Healing Potions
Black Belt(symbol of his school and his father)
Weight: 5

Race: Human; +1 to forward for the first action of a fight
Alignment: Good; you must endanger yourself to protect those who cannot fight.
Style: Flying Foot; brutal and intense (tags: messy, forceful, +1 damage)


Born the only son of a legendary Kung-Fu master, high expectations were made of johnny from a young age. Now, at the age of eleven, the hopes his community had for him are completely gone. His father and teacher has been slain by an unnamed foe, his extended family have proven to be cowards when the topic of revenge was raised and his rightful inheritance has been taken from him because he is deemed too immature to handle the responsibility. It was in this state that he awoke one night in a sweat; memories of his father swirling in his mind and with an overwhelming sense of clarity as to what he must do. Carrying the black belt his father wore and munching on his favorite sweets he has followed the only hint of his father’s killers whereabouts he has, that the man has traveled to the west. With his will of fire and the techniques his father has shown him, he is determined to avenge his fathers death, prove himself and his martial art style to the world and to make his way in the world as a man.

Johnny Chan

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