Oliver Pendragonian

Paladin and Follower of the Great and Mighty Doge



Alignment: Lawful
Look: Kind Eyes
Styled Hair
Fit Body
Holy Symbol of the Mighty Doge tatood on right shoulder

Armor: Scale Armor(2 weight), Dolphin Helm(1 weight), Commanding Wyvern Cloak (+1 Glide, 1 weight)
Weapon: Fishing Rod Scythe (Reach, two-handed, +1 Damage, Knockback, 4 weight)
Equipment: Adventuring gear (1 weight)

Leveled Paladin Spells
Divine Favor

Leveled Cleric Spells
Magic Weapon
Speak With Dead
Cure Light Wounds

Cleric Rotes


From the humble town of Flintswood, known for their woodwork trade, there was a young boy by the name of Oliver. Oliver grew up in a small log cabin home in Flintswood under the care of his loving mother and father, and life for them was pleasant. They did not have a lot to their name, but Oliver and his family were content with what they had and enjoyed their lives in Flintswood.

One late evening, when the whole town was fast asleep, Oliver woke up to his mother screaming. Oliver could see flames raging behind his mother who was yelling at him to wake up and run. Oliver was still drowsy and confused by the situation so his mother picked him up and ran with him out of his room. Due to his family’s cabin being made entirely out of logs, the fire was spreading too fast to the point in which the house was beginning to collapse upon them. As they were about to make it out of the house, large pieces of the roof began to descend upon them. However, before the roof caved in, Oliver’s mother tossed him through the front window of the house. Oliver was saved, but his mother died as the entire house finally gave out and collapsed upon her.

In the years following the accident, everyone in the town had forgotten what had happened. Nobody remembered the ordeal nor Oliver’s family, and Oliver became just another orphan on the streets. Oliver was alone with no family or friends. Oliver had nothing that really stood out about him, so he lived most of his childhood and young adult years as a sort of background character that nobody payed any mind to. After years of loneliness and being ignored, Oliver decided that enough was enough. He decided that in order to get people’s attention, he would have to start being outside of the ordinary. Oliver came up with the idea of making up his own god to worship. He would praise his god and share the greatness of his god with others. Oliver’s plan to be outside of the ordinary worked to some extent as he was now receiving attention from other townspeople. However, the attention wasn’t quite the attention Oliver desired as he was now being ridiculed and teased for his belief in an imaginary god. People would point at him on the streets and laugh at him while sarcastically saying “look at the one of such faith.” Soon Oliver became the joke of the town and was made fun of by everyone, everyone except one.

This one person was the carpenters son named Phillip. Phillip too was a background character mainly because he was mute, and people would not notice him due to his innate quiet nature. Phillip knew what it was like to be ignored and unaccepted by society, and Oliver and Phillip came to become close friends. Oliver and Phillip would play various games with just the two of them and would go on many adventures together around the town. Phillip would make wooden swords with which Oliver and Phillip would have duels with for fun, and the swords were remarkably well made as well as aesthetically exquisite. Oliver realized that Phillip was very talented with woodwork. Phillip never thought that this was anything special, but Oliver convinced Phillip that he had talent and was indeed a very special person. Phillip went on to start his own carpentry shop in Flintswood, and it was such a large success. However, due to this success Phillip no longer had time to spend with Oliver. Once again Oliver was alone. Realizing that there was nothing left for him at Flintswood, Oliver decided to leave the town to make a name for himself and find his place in this world.

Oliver Pendragonian

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